The Monskey TV Series

Experience the coolest adventures with all your Monskey friends. Monskeys are all the same, yet all different! Every Monskey has its own unique character constantly making the world bit by bit a better place!

The Monskey Playground Gamez

You can play endlessly with Monskeys, at home, at the playground and anywhere else you wish. With just a few packs you are already able to play Skillerz, Chanz, Blindz, Pointerz, Numberz or High or Low. You will have collected or won all 24 mini Monkeys before you know it!

Monskey Design Your Own

All Monkeys are the same, but you make them different. Get a DYO kit and show what you can create out of a blank Monskey. Lot’s of artists were already ahead of you. Need inspiration?

Monskey Workshops

Periodically we organize Monskey Design Workshops given by the Monsky Maniacs. A full day you will be creating your own Monsky using professional tools and materials. Interested?